Hello, hello. Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you all. I hope you are having a lovely day. I’m not going to put out a sappy, sweet message today. heartIf you’re single like myself, please try not to be miserable. Treat yourself. Have a nice time with a friend or phone a friend you’ve not spoken to in a while.

Anyway today’s post is going to be me having a good old winge 🤣🤣 about guys! The post is about is a method of identifying guys who are not available. Let me paint you a picture based on one of my experiences.


One day I was minding my business in church when someone caught my eye, a tall and handsome guy. I thought he looked a bit of alright. He looked like a nice person but I didn’t know anything about him. I didn’t even know his name! I kept seeing him in church, kept smiling internally. It wasn’t a full blown crush just a “hmm wont this be nice?”. Anyway being the shy, conservative gal that I am, I could (would) not bring myself to “enquire” about him or even chat him up directly. I just thought if I ask anyone about him they’d think “why’s she asking about him”.

when-you-see-ur-crushRandomly one day I happened to sit next to him in church. We spoke a little and he seemed really nice up close. I managed to get his name, clever girl that I am 🤣 At least now I knew one thing about him! I wanted to find out more about him; my main question being is he single? I knew there was no point in me “catching feelings” or fancying somebody or even something as benign as somebody catching my eye if he’s taken. However, I never really got the courage to actively find out more about him, I was just hoping somehow our paths will cross again.

when-you-see-your-crush-is-in-relationship_fb_2239459Anyway I was randomly chatting to a friend in church and it just kind of came out mid conversation that this my crush guy is getting married! What a wow! Not even like he had a girlfriend he is full on getting married! Of course I am happy for him but wawu! I’ve just wasted my “fancy” capacity on somebody who is not even available to be fancied (not that anyone sent me on this wild goose chase … still …).

think about it

I think that each party (boys and gals) deserve to know when when the other is unavailable. Now take girls for example, if a girl is a serious relationship is sometimes engaged and thus wears a ring. That’s a great big sign for the whole world to say she is off the market things. However for guys, there is no equivalent and that, my friends, is my bone of contention. A guy could be mere days to his wedding and a poor girl might see him, fancies him and starts developing feelings for him and she’s none the wiser. That guy gets married, has his happy little celebration and this little girl is still none the wiser until she sees his wedding band.

I think us girls need to rise up and protest this! There needs to be a revolution and its start now.

rant overOk, so that is my rant over phew 😢🤤 So then what should be the universal (not too much to ask right 🤣🤣) that people should give each other. It needs to be a symbol or something that indicates that the person in question is off the market (at least at that point in time).
Some people might say that’s us younguns being extra. I mean you could always talk to the person or rely on the guy talking to people about his girlfriend/fiance (and vice versa).

So this is a challenge for the girls and guys out there if you’re engaged to somebody please make it known get a tattoo on your forehead.

Please drop your suggestions the comment section. Has anyone ever had this experience or is it just me? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️ Please share in the comment section 😍
Thank you and God bless.

9 thoughts on “Reveal-ution

  1. Lmao, I think guys should also wear engagement rings. I know someone who’s finance made him wear a full on wedding band after they got engaged.
    Let’s just say I’m dancing around the idea, lol.

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      1. I think guys would find it difficult wearing engagement rings
        o 🤓. The best bet , I would say , is for the ladies to hold on. Yes feelings can be spontaneous but also need a confirmation. And this could be the confirmation: if a guy is ‘taken’ and he’s in a relationship; he would be largely indifferent at reacting the first time. But if he’s not ;that spontaneous feelings would be replicated in both sides though not immediately but it will grow certainly . So this gist is : ladies should be strategic . The right guy will always be “caught” 😆 by strategic crushing lady. Guys too have fear . They may be thinking maybe she’s taken but not just wearing or does not like wearing a ring. So they also watch and make moves when necessary. I no be pro o…I am just observing ni o.

        Nice write up, Dokita . 👊🏾

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      2. Thanks 😊 and thanks for your input. You’ve made some trally good points here! In essence be a pro at reading body language, shoot your shot (boy or gal) and hope for the best 😂😂


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